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Anonymous asked: “bows-flips-stunts is the sweetest person ever, and her blog is amazing<3”
Anonymous asked: “fiercest-of-them-all is the one of the best blogs on tumblr and one of the sweetest girls i have ever talked to. she listens and helps when you need it and she is such an amazing person!”
Anonymous asked: “watch-me-werk-this is one of the best blogs on tumblr.”
Anonymous asked: “cheer-is-religion is amazing, i love her and her blog!”
Anonymous asked: “I love cheerteener and her blog! She is so pretty and so sweet <3”
Anonymous asked: “iliveforcheernotforyou is such a kind girl and I love her blog!!”
Anonymous asked: “gotta-love-cheer is so sweet and her blog is amazing!!”
ijustwanttocheer-deactivated201 asked: “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE pey-attention!!! she's amazing <3”
Anonymous asked: “I love yougotcheerspirit she is so nice and I love her blog!! :)”
Anonymous asked: “Cheer-swagg is a person who handles hate with class. Great cheer blog!!!!”